Amanda Fleming - author of 'Activate Your Human Superpowers'

Putting words to work - Inspiration and Motivation on MUGS

Amanda Fleming's signature mantra...

"Notice what you notice"

Personal Growth Accelerator

"Notice what you notice" -11oz White Ceramic Mug (large red on white both sides print)

So much more than a mug! Everyone who has worked with me knows this mantra - I have it on repeat!

'Notice what you notice' is a mindfulness idea that helps activate Awareness - a Human Superpower. (Yes, you really do have them!)

The moment we notice, we create space for choice. Notice how you feel about that idea...

Having this message around will bring your attention to the present moment - where the action is!

Enjoy your cuppas.

Large, small, single and both sides print available.

From the Great Albert Einstein...

"Love is the Answer"

Personal Growth Accelerator

"Love is the Answer" 11oz White Ceramic Mug (blue on white)

This essential truth from Einstein is one We (as species) are still learning the power of...

This idea needs to be spread far and wide. Love really is our species immune system.

You can embrace this sentiment with every cuppa - a perfect gift to self or someone you care about.

Microwave and dishwasher safe. One side or two print options.

Enjoy your cuppas.

Never a truer word...

"She who backs herself wins!"

An Empowerer

"She who backs herself wins" 11oz White Ceramic Mug

Some days we need to remember to stay on our own team! This is the mug for those times.

You REALLY can afford to back yourself.

It is a decision. No matter what is going on, YOU are the most powerful influence in your life.

May these 'back yourself' cuppas fortify and embolden you (and your loved ones).

Enjoy your cuppas.

From Shona Lyon - Sculptor/Artist

"My state creates my fate"

An Empowerer

"My state creates my fate" 11oz White Ceramic Mug

'State control' is something that grows as we mature emotionally and learn to regulate our own feeling states in healthy ways.

It can be tough to shift some moods, especially when we lack motivation or feel a little hopeless.

It is good to be reminded that we can take charge of our internal state. One micro step is forward progress.  

Attitude is everything!  

The seed message on this mug is a reminder - it will help you focus on what you have most influence on - YOU!

Enjoy your cuppas.

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