"In the bonds of love we meet" White 11oz ceramic mug (one side print)

"In the bonds of love we meet" White 11oz ceramic mug (one side print)


"In the bonds of love we meet" is a potent line from the New Zealand National Anthem.

Have a cuppa and reflect on this lesson.

Complimentary download of Amanda Fleming's book  'Activate Your Human Superpowers' with every purchase.

Microwave and dishwasher safe. 

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All launch products feature Amanda Fleming's hand-written messages

Inspiration and motivation on mugs - putting words to work for the world.

This message is a Growth Promotor. These are words that can awaken us to more of our potential.

Treat them as seed ideas to nurture and watch your life transform.

They are like fertiliser on the garden of consciousness.

Pay a little attention to them by reflecting as you have your cuppa and insight will follow.

Insight is GOLD and makes way for opportunity to present itself.

We only notice opportunities if we are awake to them. This message will help.

To change our circumstances we must do the work no one else can do for us - on the inside.

Complimentary download of Amanda Fleming's book 'Activate Your Human Superpowers' will help.

You can read while you have your cuppa.

NOTE: All profits from #wordsonstuff go towards ACCELERATOR scholarships.

THE ACCELERATOR is Amanda's Superpowers framework bought to life in a 52 week 'long soak' online programme of very personal education. It has a proven track record with solid foundations and practical tools that enhance quality of life across the board. Profits are used to fund scholarships so every purchase pays it forward to someone you do not even know.

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PAYPAL | VISA | MASTERCARDComplimentary download of Amanda Fleming's book 'Activate Your Human Superpowers' will help you learn to 'stay present' to life as you expand your capacity to open your heart so you truly 'meet'.

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